Each student must take a minimum of 57 credits distributed as follows:

  • 9 credits in core courses. These courses are COMP 6785: Analysis of Algorithms, INEL 6009: Computer System Architecture, and CIIC 6005: Computing Foundations. 
  • 12 credits within a specialty. That is, electives in Computer Science and Engineering or electives in Scientific Computing.
  • 6 credits in advanced topics. These courses are CIIC 8995: Advanced Topics, and CIIC 8997: Independent Studies.
  • 9 credits outside the specialty. Among these electives, six of these credits must be taken within the program. 
  • 3 credits in doctoral seminar. This course is CIIC 8996: Doctoral Seminar.
  • 18 credits in doctoral dissertation. This course is CIIC 9995: Doctoral Dissertation.


Curricular Sequence

Curricular Sequence CISE