University Innovation Fellows

Cohort 2015

Jahannie Torres Rodriguez

Computer Engineering and Entrepreneurship

CEO at edvo, Lean Startup Program Director and taking the virtual educator certification.

Angie Ramos

Civil Engineering

Owner of Piú Bella, an online boutique and blog dedicated to the empowerment of women.  TEDX…

Emanuel Oquendo

Mechanical Engineering

CEO at BrainHi, an automated receptionist for medical practices, they have customers in Puerto Rico and USA.

Rodolfo Romañach

Accounting and Finance

Offering accounting services for SBIR grants and giving  innovation workshops through the CEO of My Life program.

Jonathan Díaz


CEO at ALQMY, partner of Engine-4 and in process of creating with Engine-4 the first Internet of Things laboratory in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

Bryan Muñoz

Computer Information Systems & Accounting

Collaborating with Kmilemedia Design, where digital content is developed as well as graphic arts.

Cohort 2018

Jaran Arroyo

Mechanical Engineering

Project: Elicit
Community with skills ranging from storytelling and filmmaking to coding and writing

Alex Herrero

Mechanical Engineering and Visual Arts

Project: Visionary
Virtual Reality technology learning program at UPRM

Rolando Cruz

Agronomy and Agribusiness

Project: AgroSolución
Solutions through internal public policies, recycling, food sustainability and renewable energy.

Alejandro Aponte

Mechanical Engineering

Project: E.P.I.C. Labs
MakerSpace at UPRM

Cohort 2019

Ashley Del Valle

Electrical Engineering

Project: WondeRUM

The first Art+Tech interactive student based exhibition, presented at the Museum of the Univerity of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez.

Anibal J Betancourt

Mechanical Engineering

Project: Empower3D – Creating a Community of Makers

Empowering students through the maker movement, bringing them the tools & support to bring their ideas to life.

Lianne Vega

Industrial Engineering

Project: Lean startup entrepreneurship program

An educational program where support was provided to students who had an idea they wanted to commercialize. 

Felipe Alfonzo