New Research Projects

Professor Agency Project Title Finished Effective
Godoy, Luis The National Science Foundation A Computer-Based Simulated Environment To Learn On Structural Failures In Engineering Jul/1/2008-






Hwang, Sangchul





US EPA through Shaw Environmental, Inc. Implementation of Experimental Drum Filtration Units and Remote Telemetry Monitoring of Surface Water Filtration Systems and in the Rio Piedras Community in San Germán, Puerto Rico Jul/6/2009-






Guayama, PR

BiodescompositionSangchul Hwang Jan/2010-

Dec/ 2010



USDA Bio-Utilization of Coffee-Processing Waste Aug/1/2010- Jul/31/2012 $50,000
AES Development of Ternary Relationships Among Soil Characteristics, CAAs Application Rate and Groundwater  Quality: Column Percolation and Leaching Prediction Jan/1/2011- Dec/31/2013 $206,757.00
José F. Lluch Services Contract

Between Gonzalez Castañer Morales & Guzman, C.S.P. and the Mayaguez Campus of the University of Puerto Rico

2007-2011 $145,477.12
López, Ricardo University of California, Berkeley NEESR-GC: Reducing Risk In Collapse-Prone Buildings Through Improved Simulations and Mitigation Dec/1/2007- Nov/30/2011 $141,390
Maldonado, Francisco

Administradapor CENSSIS

ADM DESARROLLO EMPRESAS AGROPECUARIAS Mejoramientode los Procesos del Beneficiado de Café-Auditoría Energética Feb/7/2011- Feb/6/2012 x
  Adm. Asuntos Energía


Development of the process to pursue energy efficiency as a high priority; determine the potential for cost-effective energy efficiency; development of the energy efficiency savings goals and targets; development of the mechanisms for evaluation, measurement and verification; and development of the phase II implementation plan.

Integrated Process to Stimulate Energy Efficiency Action in PR Dec/14/2010- Dec/30/2013 Cancelada


Molina Bas, Omar Plan de Práctica Intramural Universitaria Autoridad par a las Alianzas Público Privadas ServiciosTécnicos, Investigativos y Educativos Plan de Práctica Intramural Universitaria Autoridad para las Alianzas Público-Privadas Sept 2010 – junio 2012 $172,650
Padilla, Ingrid DoE Detection, Fate, Transport and Remediation of Chlorinated Solvents in Low-Permeability Porous Media 2007 – 2012 $150,000/año

$750,000 por el período

Administradapor CENSSIS Northeastern University IGERT: Intelligent Diagnostic for Aging Civil Infrastructure Manejadopor CENSSIS
  NIH-NIEHS NIH: Puerto Rico Test site for Exploring Contamination Threats (PRoTECT) Abril/2010




  Northeastern University April/1/2011


  ERDC Tunnel Vulnerability & Mitigation Systems Sep/1/2008-Nov/20/2008 x


  USGS Ambient Vibrations Measurements For Estimation Of Site Fundamental Periods At Mayaguez May/1/2010




Didier Valdés CACGP


The same description written below.

Summer Transportation Institute (STI-2011) Mar/25/2011






The main objective is to expose a group of high school students to a variety of academic experiences designed to motivate them toward professions in the field of transportation.  High school students who have just completed their sophomore year can participate on the Summer Transportation Institute in Puerto Rico.

2011 National Summer Transportation Institute Jun/6/2010




The proposal intends to develop a mobile computing application for automating the collection process of field inspection data using iPad’s or Android Tablets.

Using Mobile Computers to Automate the Inspection Process for Highway Construction Projects Mar/1/2012