The mission of this graduate program is to advance fundamental knowledge in Materials Science and Engineering applied to the creation, development and optimization of materials, devices, and processes through innovative research. The program seeks to educate and train a highly competitive and resourceful cohort of professionals in this area. This program responds to current and anticipated technical and societal needs of Puerto Rico and the world.


This MSE graduate program is to benefit the industry and government of Puerto Rico and the world by offering their participants with the following:

  • Advanced technical skills and research experience in material selection, testing and design, materials engineering, device fabrication, smart materials and mechanic of materials.
  • A flexible graduate program where professionals from industry can customize their graduate studies, which can be completed within an attractive time-frame from the employers.
  • An interdisciplinary program where faculty and students of various science and engineering departments can participate, conduct research and learn from each other.
  • Well-prepared MSE faculty, making UPRM even more effective in academic research and community service in a high demand, high profile and well-funded field.