The Department of Engineering Sciences and Materials has approximately 8,000 square feet of research laboratory distributed in 10 laboratories.  Out of these 10 laboratories, 7 are assigned for the MSE program.  These laboratories host state – of – the – art instrumentation as well as robust standard equipment. The facilities are in Stefani Building and at the UPRM Research and Development Center. The goals of these facilities are to provide the following:

  • Practice-based experiences dealing with the synthesis of diverse materials
  • Experiential learning on advanced characterization techniques for polymeric, metallic, and composite materials.
  • An enabling environment advanced fabrication of specialized materials
  • A controlled environment for microfabrication of electronic devices
  • A space for the design and synthesis of experimental nanomaterials

Currently, these laboratory spaces serve students and researchers from various engineering and science disciplines working in materials research and development.

Materials Preparation Laboratory and Workshop (S-110)

This laboratory houses sample preparation units, a high-energy ball mill, milling and drilling units as well as high capacity tensile testing units.

Materials Research Laboratory I (S-311)

This laboratory houses the most expensive instrumentation obtained with federal grants: a nanoindentation unit and a physical property measurement unit as well atomic force microscopes, thermal analysis equipment and two x-ray diffractometers.

Thermal Processing Laboratory (S-312 Annex)

This is the most recent laboratory set up with US Dept. of Education funds and houses advanced and high temperature furnaces for thermal fabrication and treatment of materials.

Materials Research Laboratory II (S-313)

This laboratory houses instrumentation for diverse types of characterization of materials: from cryogenic and room temperature magnetometers to optical microscopes and includes infrared spectrometers and thermal analysis units.

Materials Research Laboratory III (S-313A)

This laboratory is dedicated to thermomechanometric instrumentation, Mösbauer spectroscopy, and low load mechanical testing of materials.

Materials Research Laboratory IV (S-314)

This space houses all necessary laboratory glassware and a fume hood for the synthesis of nanomaterials as well as a spin coater and a small and robust arc melter.

Clean Room (CID)

This is a 600 sq ft Class 100 clean room built with federal monies. It houses instrumentation necessary for microfabrication: a three-gun magnetron sputtering unit, a mask aligner, a profilometer, and ancillary pieces of equipment.


Detailed information about the program and the different laboratories can be obtained at the department web site, or at the program website: