Engineering Sciences and Materials Department

moleculesThe Engineering Sciences and Materials Department integrates an interdisciplinary faculty who are responsible for teaching basic introductory engineering courses.  This centralized department offers common and fundamental engineering courses under one administration; providing an efficient platform outside of the specialized department.

Those courses related to basic Engineering Science are as follows: Engineering Graphics, Computer Programming, Numerical Methods, Applied Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, and Engineering Materials. A broad, yet in-depth, knowledge of all of these areas is indispensable in every field of engineering, not only for further studies, but also for the successful practice of the engineering profession. The Engineering Sciences and Material Department also offers interdisciplinary elective courses which are well within the competence of its faculty.

Research in Engineering Science and Engineering Education is an integral part of each professor’s involvement in this Department. In particular, the department is experiencing considerable growth in research on Materials Science and Engineering. This is an interdisciplinary field concerning properties of matter and its applications to engineering and science, including nanotechnology and nanoscience. Elements of applied physics, chemistry, chemical, mechanical, civil and electrical engineering are integrated in this developing field. As a result of their inherent interdisciplinary backgrounds, our faculty members have been instrumental in developing cross-cutting collaborations with other science and engineering departments.


Experimental Dynamic Simulation Research