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Engineering can be defined as the application of physics and mathematics in the search for solutions to human needs.  Engineering guides the transformation of the modern world. For that reason, the government of Puerto Rico regulates the practice of engineering and surveying through state policies and laws.  Then, for an individual to practice engineering in Puerto Rico has to comply with the following requirements:

    1. Graduates from a four year program of study in engineering with the appropriated accreditation.
    2. Approves written exams in the fundamental topics in engineering provided by the Department of State. 
    3. Comply with requirement of inscription in the corresponding Board at the Department of State.
    4. Be a member to the College of Engineers and Land Surveyors of Puerto Rico.

The University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez has contributed for many years in the first of the requirements mentioned above. The written exams in the second step consist of two parts:

    • Fundamental part
    • Professional part

In general, students can take the first part of the exam (fundamental exam) during their last year of study (32 credits for graduation).  The fundamental exam consists in all the courses the students took during the first three years of study.  These topics are the following:

    • Mathematics
    • Engineering Economy
    • Statics and Dynamics
    • Mechanics of Materials
    • Engineering Materials
    • Safety
    • Chemistry
    • Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer
    • Probability and Statistics
    • Fluids Mechanics
    • Measurements, Instrumentation, and Controls
    • Ethics for Engineers
    • Electricity and Power

The primary mission of the Engineering Sciences and Material Department (ESMD) is to provide students the fundamental courses in engineering.  The ESMD is offering a review of the fundamental topics in engineering to help those students preparing to take the fundamental exam in engineering.  The main goal of this departmental effort is to provide a review of the fundamental exam topics at a reasonable cost and provide students with a better chance to approve the exam.  This review is offered each semester with duration of ten consecutive Saturdays.  With this effort the students acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to be prepared for the fundamental of engineering exam. With this effort, the ESMD complies one more time with its mission of building capable engineers to service Puerto Rico.

FE Exam Info session (Charla)



Saturdays starting February 17  through May 4, 2024, from 8:00 – 12:00 am – 1:00 – 5:00 pm.

TOPICS:(corresponding to those that appear under the title “Other Disciplines” of NCEES).
    • Introduction and Strategies
    • Mathematics
    • Probability and Statistics
    • Engineering Economy
    • Chemistry
    • Statics – Dynamics
    • Mechanics of Materials
    • Engineering Materials
    • Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer
    • Ethics for Engineers
    • Fluids Mechanics
    • Safety
    • Measurements, Instrumentation, and Controls
    • Electricity, Power, and Magnetism


  • Dr. José Arroyo, Coordinator –
  • Dr. Luis Montejo
  • Dr. Iván Baiges
  • Dr. Sandra Coutin
  • Dr. José Cedeño
  • Prof. Glorimar López
    1. Participants can register by doing the corresponding payment using credit or debit cards (ATH, VISA, MASTER CARD, and AMERICAN EXPRESS).
    2. Personal checks are not accepted.
    3. A payment plan is not accepted.  It is responsibility of the participant to do the payment before the Review begins.
    4. We reserved the right of admission.
    5. The refund process is an administrative procedure that may take under normal circumstances about 5 to 8 weeks after the withdraw deadline.
    6. Refunds are processed through UPRM checks.
    7. Direct refund to the debit or credit card is not available.
    8. Refunds will be send by normal postal service to the address provided during registration.
    9. Reasons for a refund of the registration fee are the following:
      1. Withdraw:
        1. A written statement must be submitted to the Coordinator explaining the reasons for withdrawal seven days before the Review start date.  In that case the refund will be 100% of the amount paid.
        2. No refunds are allowed within one week prior the start of the review or after the Review starts.
        3. The return of the study materials provided for the review is not accepted for partial or total refund of the registration fee.
      2. Cancellation of the review:
        1. If the review is cancelled due to insufficient registration and the student had paid the registration fee, he or she has the right to receive a 100% refund of the money paid.
        2. If the course is cancelled due to extraordinary situations, such as natural disasters, the participants will receive a refund equivalent to the pending contact hours.
    10. The schedule of the class will start and end at the indicated time, it is required to be on time.
    11. Use of cell phones is not allowed inside the classroom.
    12. Only people registered in the course will be accepted in the classroom.  Children, relatives, friends, or pets are not allowed in the classroom.
    13. It is responsibility of each participant to keep in contact with the coordinator to confirm if the Review reaches the required amount of participants.
    14. The above information is presented previous to the registration process.  However, unknown of it is not an excuse for the participant to do not comply with these rules.



(It is recommended to the participants of the Review to plan to do the exam as soon as possible after the Review has finished.)

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(The registration will be completed after the participant send to the Coordinator by e-mail the official receipt provided at the end of the registration process an copy  If you need assistance, do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Edda I. Rosado-Henríquez at (787) 832-4040 Ext 5808.


For additional information, please contact Dr. José Arroyo, Coordinator of the Review( ).