Research Areas at the Department of Engineering Science and Materials:

Composites and Alloys for aeronautical and superconductors applicationsPhase change processes, phase transformation and Mossbauer spectroscopyNanomaterials processes and development of environmental protection technology
Cast Iron Liquid Treatment and SolidificationMgB2 Based SuperConductors: Enhancements of critical properties via tightly controlled high energy ball millingNanomaterials Processing Laboratory
Heterogeneous Nucleation in Aluminum AlloysDevelopment of low temperature magnetic ordering in Fe-doped NiAlWaste Tires Crumb Rubber and Environmental Remediation
Characterization of Experimental Al-B-X CompositesUltra-High Strength Steels
Functionally-Graded Al-B-X Composites
Fracture Of Ultra High Strength Steels

Current Research Groups Constituents:

  • Dr. O. Marcelo Suárez
  • Dr. Oswald Uwakweh
  • Dr. Yang Li
  • Dra. Agnes Padovani
  • Dr. Ivan Baigés
  • Dr. Basir Shafiq
  • Dr. José Arroyo
  • Dra. Bárbara Calcagno