An Officer in the Air Force carries a HIGH LEVEL of responsibility, accountability and professionalism. 



The Air Force ROTC Program typically lasts four years. This program is available to male and female students. It consists of the General Military Course and the Professional Officer Course. Each of these courses lasts two years.

The General Military Course includes Aerospace Studies from 3001 to Aerospace Studies 3012. These courses provide two credit hours per semester and are included in the general graduation academic index. Students enrolled in the General Military Course participate weekly in one and a half hours of Leadership Laboratory in addition to the one hour of classroom work. After completion the General Military Course, students may request admission into the Professional Officer Course, which prepare them to be officers in the United States Air Force.

The Professional Officer Course consists from Aerospace Studies 4001 to Aerospace Studies 4012, which provide the equivalent of four credit hours per semester. The students of the Professional Officer Course attend three hours of class and one and a half hours of Leadership Laboratory weekly. These courses may be considered as general electives for academic credit. Students enrolled in the Air Force ROTC Program receive all required textbooks, uniforms and equipment.




Along with staying in good physical condition, all cadets must conform to the maximum weight and body fat standards as established by the United States Air Force. These requirements are necessary to maintain the proper degree of professionalism and a sharp, fit appearance in uniform.

Before you can activate a scholarship offer, you will be required to meet Air Force ROTC weight and fitness standards when you arrive on campus and enroll in Air Force ROTC. 

The Cadet Corps of DET 756 trains hard at PT to get physically fit and implements a variety of training plans to improve physical fitness.


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