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DATES TO ENROLL FOR FALL 2018 SEMESTER WILL BE at 09:00, on the following days in Room 104, Sanchez Bldg: 23 JULY 3 AUGUST 6 AUGUST PLEASE CONTACT US THROUGH EMAIL at DET756@UPRM.EDU OR DET756@US.AF.MIL AND WE WILL SEND OUT THE IN-PROCESSING INFORMATION IF NEEDED. You will need to bring the following: Drivers License Birth Certificate ( must bring original and copy) Parents Address ( a utility bill) Social Security Card ( must bring original document ) Proof of all arrest and tickets ( go to services pr.gov website and print) Proof of medical insurance card ( copy of card and bring card) Selective service number for Males ONLY ( go to sss.gov and print off)-If you are 18yrs or older Completed Sports Physical ( can come to office and get in advance, or on the day)
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English test will be held in Rm 104 ROTC Bldg. Sanchez Hall. Must be there 15 minutes prior, we will begin testing on time. Once you pass the test you will get a letter to enroll in the AFROTC Courses, any other questions please email us.
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