The Cadets




The Air Force ROTC program is composed of cadets from all fields -including but not limited to- Engineering (Mechanical, Chemical, Industrial, etc.), Surveying, Biology, Plastic Arts, Political Science and many more. Our cadets are always ready and willing to help the community and serve in the world's greatest Air Force.




 If you want to know more about the Air Force ROTC program or join  us, do not hesitate to ask us more about the program. The cadets are more than happy to answer any type of question regarding the Air Force ROTC program during our recruiting activities.



The Air Force ROTC DET 756 Honor Guard's duty is to honor those that have made the ultimate sacrifice to defend our way of life. The Honor Guard's commitment is to honor our American flag and National Anthem. The team is composed of cadets that want to go beyond the program, promoting discipline and a sense of duty.





"Service Before Self", is one of our core values. We take that to mean we have responsibility to our community and environment. Cadets participate voluntarily in various activities such as beach clean ups, reforest, helping our community and recycling activities. Our duty is not only to create the future leaders of America, but also make them responsible citizens.


The Air Force ROTC program is always looking for innovative ways to teach while maintaining the professionalism of our cadets. Activities such as paintball, self-defense classes hiking and M-4 Simulator combine knowledge, leadership and strategy to improve combat skills.





There is always room for improvement. Accomplishing physical requirements is an important aspect if you want to be part of the greatest Air Force. Beach PT is a fun alternative to improve our physical fitness.

         AFROTC Detachment 756 

         University of Puerto Rico-Mayagüez                                                                                      Monday - Friday 

         Mayagüez, P.R. 00681-5171                                                                                                  Hours: 700-1500

         Office: (787) 832-4040, Ext. 3382, 3386                                                                                 Walk-ins are welcome!

         Email: det756@uprm.edu / det756@us.af.mil


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