University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus. Terms and conditions of use for the group of pages, sites and web portals of the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus (“UPRM.EDU”).

  1 General Terms

1.1 The following Terms and Conditions of Use and any rule or policy referred to below or that in the future are published by UPRM.EDU (hereinafter, collectively the “T&C”), constitute the agreement between UPRM.EDU and any person (the “User”) who accesses or uses the services offered by UPRM.EDU through and the other portals, sites or Web pages belonging to UPRM.EDU, as well as through of cellular devices, other devices and platforms that are allowed in the future (hereinafter, in conjunction with the “Site”) relating to the services of the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus and all related services (hereinafter, together «Services»). Any User who accesses the Site or uses the Services or the Contents of UPRM.EDU, accepts and agrees to be bound by these T&C, submits to them and acknowledges that access to the Site and the use of the Services is expressly conditioned to fulfill them. It will be the User’s responsibility to review these T&C before accessing the Site and using the Services. By accessing the Site and using the Services, it will be understood that the User has accepted any amendments, modifications, additions and / or substitutions to these T&C.

1.2 UPRM.EDU may expand, change, suspend, cancel, limit, prevent access or discontinue any presentation, configuration or other aspect of the Services or any content on the Site at any time without notice or prior notice, including the availability of any Role of the Services, database or content. For the purposes of these T&C, the UPRM.EDU Contents include any image, text, graphic, drawing, sound or image file, photograph, recording, computer program (“software”), and in general, any kind of material or content, these expressions must be interpreted in its broadest sense (hereinafter the “Content”)

1.3 The access and use of the Services to minors under 13 years of age is strictly prohibited unless you request and obtain the permission of your parents, guardian or legal representative, as the case may be, before proceeding to use the Services. It will be the sole responsibility of the Users of legal age to determine the Contents that are appropriate for the minors in their charge. There are computer programs that allow filtering and preventing access to certain Content to minors. Parents, guardians or legal representatives of minors must acquire and install such programs at their sole cost and risk. For more information on the text of personal information of minors visit the Privacy Policy of UPRM.EDU.

1.4 The access and use of certain Services and / or Contents of UPRM.EDU may be subject to certain particular rules of use that may complement and / or modify these T&C. In order to access or use such Services and / or Contents , the User must accept such particular rules of use, as they are modified from time to time. In case of discrepancy between these T&C and the particular rules of use, notices, guidelines and / or rules mentioned above, such particular rules of use will always prevail.

1.5 At present some of the Services are offered free of charge. However, UPRM.EDU reserves the right to establish in the future a price in money or other requirements as a condition of the use of one or more of said Services. The amount and other details of any similar charge or condition of use for any of these Services that may be imposed in the future will be clearly explained to the User in advance. In the event that UPRM.EDU proposes to increase or require payment of a charge for any of the Services in the future, UPRM.EDU will offer the User the opportunity to discontinue the use of such or such Services before any charge is Increased or imposed.

1.6 To access the UPRM.EDU Services, or any of its Contents, the User must have their own account to access the Word Wide Web. The User must also have a computer with sufficient capacity and, in addition, adequately programmed and / or configured to support UPRM.EDU applications, which allow access and use.

1.7 The User may access and use certain pages, sites, portals, Contents and / or services offered by UPRM.EDU, only if there is a username and password (“account”). UPRM.EDU may deny and cancel the registration, and deny access and use, present or future, of UPRM.EDU, or any of its Services. The User undertakes and is solely responsible for making diligent use of the username and password in accordance with these T&C. He also undertakes to keep his password and username secret and relieves UPRM.EDU from any damages that are caused as a result of the use of your username or password by a third party. The User must immediately notify any unauthorized access and / or third party use of his password or account number. The User acknowledges and accepts that UPRM.EDU may cancel the records that remain inactive.

  2 Privacy

2.1 The User who accesses the Site or uses the Services accepts and acknowledges that he read and accepted the privacy policy on personal information of UPRM.EDU. The UPRM.EDU Privacy Policy must be accessed by clicking on the following link:

2.2 UPRM.EDU may use “cookies” in relation to some of the Services to store non-personal information.

3 Intellectual Property Rights

The UPRM.EDU Services are offered to the User for educational, non-commercial use. The User undertakes not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell or exploit for commercial purposes any portion of the Content accessed through the Site. All Content and material published on the Site (including, without limitation, articles, news, photographs, images, illustrations, graphics, «software», videos, music, sound and others) may be protected by state and federal laws that protect the intellectual property of UPRM.EDU or the party or content provider to whom it may concern. The User undertakes to respect the notices of copyright, information or restrictions that appear in the content that is accessed through the Site. The User agrees not to violate the intellectual or industrial property rights of UPRM.EDU, its affiliates or third parties. The User will not alter or manipulate the copyright or other similar notices that account for the intellectual or industrial property rights of UPRM.EDU, its affiliates or third parties with rights over the Contents incorporated into the Site. Nor is the User allowed to alter, damage or manipulate the technical protection devices, fingerprints or any other protection instruments of the Site, of Contents and / or of the Services. The User relieves and agrees to indemnify UPRM.EDU, its affiliates, directors, officers, employees, agents and / or representatives for and against all liability, damage, loss, fine or penalty (including reasonable attorney fees) arising from any violation of intellectual and / or industrial property rights committed by the User.

  4 Contents, Services and Products of Third Parties

4.1 The User acknowledges that certain content, services, products and / or commercial promotions may be offered through links (“links”), directories, search devices and / or advertising inserts located on the Site. These links, directories, search devices and / or advertising inserts directly connect the Users with the electronic portals of said third parties, and are available on the Site, with the sole purpose of making it easier for Users to search for information, content , services and / or products on the World Wide Web. Such third parties are solely responsible for their content, services, products, commercial promotions and / or advertising insertions being offered, and have been produced, designed and / or prepared in accordance with any applicable law. On the other hand, all communication and / or transaction carried out by the Users regarding said content, services, products and / or commercial promotions are made exclusively between the User and said third parties.

4.2 Likewise, the User acknowledges that UPRM.EDU does not intervene, control, sponsor and / or sponsor the contents, services, products and / or commercial promotions provided by third parties on and / or through the Site. Nor does it control or exercise any prior control over their legality, reliability, authenticity and / or usefulness thereof.

4.3 The User may establish links to the Site in their own electronic portals as long as they obtain prior written authorization from UPRM.EDU.

  5 Provision of Information and / or Content by Users

5.1 UPRM.EDU, will have the absolute discretion to accept and / or store or not information and / or Content sent by Users on the Site in any format. UPRM.EDU will not compensate the User in any way for the information and / or content they send, transmit and / or download through UPRM.EDU and the Site. All information and / or content sent, transmitted, downloaded and / or stored by Users on the Site, in such a way that implies being available for the use of the general public, will come information and / or public content that may be disclosed to third parties. In addition, the mere fact of sending information and / or content to the Site with the intention of making it available to the general public means that the User granted UPRM.EDU, a perpetual, non-exclusive, free and worldwide license to reproduce, store , edit, modify, publish, incorporate into databases, publicly communicate, transmit, distribute, represent, or in any other way commercially exploit, in whole or in part, such information and / or content in any form and / or through any means or technology known or to be known. The User waives any moral right that he may have as a result of any modification, alteration or change made by UPRM.EDU to any material supplied by the User.

5.2 The User acknowledges and accepts that UPRM.EDU does not endorse the contents of the Users’ communications nor assumes any responsibility in relation to the material contained therein, including but not limited to, content that may constitute a threat, slander, obscenity , harassment or offense or that violates the rights and public liberties of persons, intellectual property rights of third parties or that induce the commission of a crime or violation.

5.3 UPRM.EDU reserves the right to review, without prior notice or expression of cause, the Contents and / or materials provided by the User and to prevent their transmission or dissemination to third parties in the event that, in the exclusive opinion of UPRM.EDU, these are contrary to the legal system, the present T&C, morality, good customs or public order.

The User must keep in mind that the Contents and / or materials provided by the User in order to be accessible by other users of the Site, must be read by any internet user in the world, so it must be prudent to provide publicly data that identifies it. UPRM.EDU is not responsible for the consequences resulting from the publication on the Content Site and / or materials provided by the User.

5.4 The User acknowledges and accepts that UPRM.EDU will have the right (but not the obligation) to, at its sole discretion or without prior notice, reject or remove any material that the User supplies through the Site and that the User will be the only one responsible for any violation of third party rights caused by the material published by the User. Without limiting the foregoing, UPRM.EDU will have the right to remove any material that violates these T&C or is objectionable for any reason. UPRM.EDU may, at its sole discretion, terminate immediately and without prior notice or responsibility, the User Services and hold the User responsible for any obligation that may arise from the material provided by the User to the Site.

  6 User Conduct and Responsible Use

6.1 The User must access and / or use the Site and Services in accordance with the law, to be T & C and respecting morals, good customs and public order, in a responsible manner and without impairing the access and use of others Users

6.2 The User acknowledges and agrees that he will access and / or use the Site and its contents and / or the Services for strictly personal, non-commercial purposes. It is expressly and strictly prohibited that the User authorizes or allows third parties access and / or use of the Site and its Contents and / or the Services for unauthorized commercial purposes, or that it introduces or incorporates as a business or commercial activity of its own the contents and / or the UPRM.EDU Services.

6.3 The User undertakes not to use the Site and its Contents and / or the Services, to carry out activities contrary to law, morality, good customs and / or security or public order, or for illicit purposes or results , prohibited or harmful to the rights and interests of third parties. The User cannot access and / or use the Site and its Contents and / or the Services, to offer or send surveys, contests, pyramid schemes, chain correspondence and / or unwanted or mass email (“unsolicited e-mail or spamming ”).

6.4 The User may not in any way damage, disable, overload or damage the technological equipment or infrastructure, computer programs (“software”) or the information and / or telecommunications system of UPRM.EDU, or any other person, or the Contents and / or the Services of UPRM.EDU. In this sense, the User cannot send viruses, worms, “trojan horses”, time bombs, damaged electronic files or any other known source or because they are aware of elements that can damage, disable, overload, deteriorate and / or any other otherwise affect the technological infrastructure, content and / or Services of UPRM.EDU, or other Users or service providers on the World Wide Web.

6.5 The User may not stalk, harass, or otherwise harass other Users or third parties through the Site and / or the Services. In this sense, the User may not send, distribute, publish, receive, download or in any other way disseminate and / or manipulate illegal information, messages or materials; immoral; defamatory; obscene; pornographic; offensive; or that somehow foster violence, hatred and rejection of a person or group of people; discriminatory based on sex, race, religion, belief, age, or other similar conditions; that irresponsibly induce states of panic, fear, insecurity or anxiety; that induce the practice of dangerous practices for health, physical and / or mental integrity; or that are contrary to the good name, fame, prestige or right to privacy or privacy of people. Nor may you obtain and / or store personal information from other Users (including email addresses) and much less disclose it to third parties.

6.6 To be able to comment on the blogs that are part of the Services and participate in the conversation, it is necessary that the User register with the real name and indicate a contact email. UPRM.EDU cannot always verify the identity of the author and reproduces the one indicated by the author. In addition, UPRM.EDU reserves the right to select, extract and summarize opinions, subtracting from any discussion with its correspondents. Comments sent to these blogs can also be published in the newspaper’s written edition. UPRM.EDU cannot attest to the veracity and accuracy of the Content of the comments and is not responsible for them.

Any insult or serious grievance, threats of any kind or innuendo to or against the people who participate in blogs is prohibited. Obscene or offensive language, nicknames of bad taste or clearly malicious, improper insults, personal attacks or disrespect to public and / or private persons are not allowed. The use of several pseudonyms or “nicks” by the same person is expressly prohibited, as this practice is unethical and creates unnecessary confusion.

It is strictly forbidden to open several epigraphs or simultaneous comments with the same content or to divert the content of the messages from the main topic.

Out of respect for other Users and to respect the rules of «label» messages must have a readable and «normal» typeface, messages with an exaggerated typeface with the intention of saturating or with colors, sizes and formats will not be accepted that hinder or exaggerate your reading. Nor will messages with all uppercase letters be allowed, as this makes reading difficult. Capitalization means «shout.» UPRM.EDU reserves the right to decide which messages violate this rule and eliminate them without prior notice.

6.7. UPRM.EDU reserves the right to apply these rules at its discretion when it understands that the User is not making proper use of the Site and / or the Services. UPRM.EDU may expel a User or delete a message even if they have not apparently infringed the present T&C, provided that it is justified for the sake of proper operation.

  7 General Disclaimer of Warranties


  8 Relief of Liability

The User acknowledges that UPRM.EDU, its Contents, Services and / or links, are not free from errors or defects, nor will they necessarily be available without any interruption. Therefore, the User agrees that their access and / or use of the Sites, their Contents, the Services and / or their links to other electronic portals is at their sole risk. The User relieves UPRM.EDU and its affiliates, directors, officers, employees, agents and / or representatives of any responsibility for any damages or losses suffered as a result of their access and / or use of UPRM.EDU, its Contents and / or the Services; and / or as a result of communications and / or transactions made with third parties through links to other electronic portals and / or for the quality of the products or services of third parties that contract with the User through the Site or by any act or omission of the contractors that may cause the User, the third party or other persons a damage as a result of said contracting. The claims that the User has regarding the products or services offered by third parties must be made directly to the third party offering.

  9 Force Majeure

UPRM.EDU, its affiliates, directors, officers, employees, agents and / or representatives will not be responsible for delays or failures that occur in the access and use of the Site, Services and / or Contents, as well as interruptions, suspensions or the malfunction of the same, produced by natural disasters and / or situations beyond its control such as, for example, wars, military operations, civil disturbances, strikes, lockouts, or any other fortuitous cause.

  10 Miscellaneous Terms

10.1 UPRM.EDU reserves the right to amend, modify, add and / or replace at any time the T&C and any norm or policy of UPRM.EDU referred to here, by publishing them in the Corresponding UPRM.EDU website on the Internet. 10.2 If any provision of these T&C were declared void, invalid, illegal, unconstitutional or in any other way without legal effect, in whole or in part, by a competent court, the remaining provisions shall remain valid and continue to bind the parties For all legal purposes.

10.3 If at any time UPRM.EDU, waives or does not exercise its rights or remedies available in case of breach of these T&C by the User, this does not mean that it waives to exercise them before any other previous or subsequent breach of the User.

10.4 UPRM.EDU, may, at its discretion, deny, withdraw, suspend, block and / or cancel at any time, without prior notice, access and / or use of the Site, its Contents and / or the Services (including any account of the User in UPRM.EDU), to any User who breaches these T&C, or for any other legitimate reason that merits taking the relevant action. Therefore, UPRM.EDU may cancel any User registration, and delete, destroy and / or deny access to the User to all information and files relating to such records or accounts. THE USER RELATES TO UPRM.EDU, AND ITS AFFILIATES, DIRECTORS, OFFICIALS, EMPLOYEES, AGENTS AND / OR REPRESENTATIVES OF ALL RESPONSIBILITY, DAMAGE OR LOSS THAT MAY BE DERIVED BY CAUSE OF THE CANCELLATION OF ACCESS AND / OR USE OF THE SITE, ITS CONTENTS AND / OR THE SERVICES.

10.5 These T&C are subject exclusively to the laws of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Any dispute or controversy between the User and UPRM.EDU, that arises from the access and / or use of the Site, its Contents and / or the Services may only be settled in the Courts of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. In the event that the User is domiciled outside of Puerto Rico, the User voluntarily submits to the jurisdiction and jurisdiction of the Courts of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and renounces any defense of lack of jurisdiction and / or competence.