Academic Affairs Centers and Institutes

  • Areas of Expertise:
    Information Literacy, Scholarly Communications, Data Management, Electronic Resources Management, Citation Management, Archives & Digital Repositories, Preservation, Library Instruction, Assessment, Technology Applied to Libraries, Afro-Puerto Rican Studies, Oral History and Testimonial Writing, Social Justice in Higher Education

    Members: Jaquelina Alvarez, Grisell Rodríguez, Hilda Teresa Ayala Gonzalez, Anidza Valentín Rodríguez, Arelys Fernandez Troche, Jocelyn Geliga Vargas

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    Centro de Recursos Universitario de Investigación y Servicios Educativos (CRUISE)


  • Areas of Expertise:
    Neurolearning, Accreditation, Math Education, Technology in Education, Special Education, Technology, Science Education, Assessment, Evaluation, Health, TESOL, Universal Desing

    Members: Carmen Bellido, Keith Wayland, Jose Ferrer, Janette Ferrer, Rebecca Orama, Grisel Rivera, Rosa Roman

  • Areas of Expertise:
    Technology in Education, Distance Learning

    Members: José Ferrer