Research Committee

Oscar Perales-Perez, PhD
Research Committee Coordinator Assoc. Dean Research-Eng.

matias cafaro

Matias Cafaro, PhD
Associate Dean
Research-Art & Sciences

Wilfredo Robles, PhD
Associate Dean

David Suleiman, PhD
UPRM R&D Center Director


Jaquelina Álvarez, Professor
Associate Coordinator
Professional Enrichment

Alesandra Morales

Alesandra Morales, PhD
Assistant Professor
Civol Engineering

Josiah Hernández

Josiah Hernandez, Eng.
Office of Intellectual Property

Ubaldo M. Córdova-Figueroa PHD
Special Assistant to the Chancellor
Research, Innovation & Creative Endeavors

Darik Cruz, Esq. LLM
Associate Dean
Research-Business Adm.


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    The UPRM Research, Innovation and Creative Endeavors System (in short, The UPRM Research Committee) is constituted by all those components directly involved with the operation of the research structure at Campus. The UPRM Research Committee seeks the development of an integral and systemic approach encompassing the objectives, tasks, procedures and strategies conducive to a better organized, interactive and synergistic interaction of all involved components at the whole UPRM level.
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    This integral and interactive approach will also reinforce the UPRM leadership in Research and Innovation in the Nation while fostering a more solid and competitive international projection according to the Vice Presidency for Science & Technology of the University of Puerto Rico.
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    The above described vision becomes even more relevant in current times when keeping the financial wealth of our Institution is mandatory. As part of this required scenario, the intellectual and material resources generated by our Research, Innovation and Creative Endeavors be of paramount historical importance.
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    The UPRM Research Committee’s main goal is tightly related to the University Strategic Plan, however, its accomplishment demands an appropriate design and implementation protocol, not only at each individual research’s component but also at a large scale inside and outside UPRM.