The UPRM RISE-E-BASE program is sponsored by the NIH National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS).  The purpose of the program is to increase the number of underrepresented minorities that pursue and complete a PhD degree in biomedical sciences and/or biomedical engineering.  The program provides funds to support the participation of qualifying undergraduate students in education, research and training activities to accomplish this mission. Selected RISE-E-BASE students may qualify for a monthly salary, travel to conferences, summer support off-campus, funds to purchase materials in support of their in-campus mentor.  UPRM undergraduate students from the departments of biology, chemistry, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer engineering and software engineering and biotechnology programs may submit their application to the UPR Mayaguez RISE-E-BASE program. Ten (10) undergraduate students will be selected for the RISE-E-BASE program.  The program is open to freshman, sophomore, junior and senior students pursuing degrees in the STEM departments or program described above that are committed to pursue a PhD degree in biomedical sciences or biomedical engineering.

Students will submit an application package to the RISE-E-BASE program.  The application package includes:

(1)   The RISE-E-BASE application form including general information, parents’ information and a written essay in English describing:(a) previous research experience(s) (b) motivation to become a biomedical scientist or biomedical engineer and (c)  commitment to pursue and complete a PhD degree, (d) anything that you have had to overcome in the pursue of your academic and lifelong dreams,  The complete application form should be submitted You must indicate your Name and write Application Package in the subject line of  the email.

(2)   One official transcript from UPR Mayaguez (freshman students entering UPRM must submit a transcript from their High School) sent to ; freshman students that have participated in summer research programs –like STEP UP- and/or have AP course work from their High Schools approved at UPR Mayaguez are encouraged to apply. You must indicate your Name and write Transcript in the subject line of the email.


(3)    Arrange to have two letters of recommendation sent to . You must indicate the name of the student and write Reference in the subject line of  your email.

The review of completed applications will start by August 24, 2018.  Students will be selected in early Fall 2018 for an interview.  Feel free to contact us by electronic mail to should you have additional questions regarding the program.


pdf: RISE Complete Application Form; word:  RISE Complete Application

pdf: Recomendation Letter RISE E BASE; word:  FormRecomendation Letter RISE E BASE

UPRM RISE-E-BASE undergraduates must work in the laboratory of one of the following in-campus research mentors in the areas of biomedical science and/or biomedical engineering.

Name Department Research Area/Funding
Taras Oleksik Biology Genetics, Genomics/NIH
Ruben Diaz Mechanical Eng Biosensors/NSF
Carlos Rios Velazquez Biotechnology Biotechnology/NIH
Juan Carlos Martinez Cruzado Biology population genetics/HH;PRST
Nanette Diffoot Biology Virology/HH
Elsie Parez Chemistry Biochemistry/PRST
Enrique Melendez Chemistry bio inorganic/NSF
Jorge Almodovar Chemical Eng. Biomaterials/NSF
Magda Latorre Chemical Eng. Nanomedicine/NSF
Madeline Torres Chemical Eng. cancer research/NSF
Maribella Domenech Chemical Eng. cancer, nanomedicine/NSF, NIH
Vldya Manin Electrical and Computer Engineering neuroscience, brain comp. interfaces/NSF
Pedro Resto Mechanical Eng microfluidics, biosensors/PRST
Oscar Perales Materials Science and Eng. Nanomedicine/NSF
Mauricio Cabrera Industrial Eng. Biostatistics/NSF
Jaime Seguel Computer Information Science and Eng. Bioinformatics/NSF
Paul Sundaram Mechanical Eng Biomaterials/NSF
Juan Lopez Garriga Chemistry structure and function hemeproteins/NSF,NIH
Eduardo Juan Electrical and Computer Engineering bioinstrumentation,biomedical acoustics/NIH
Miguel Castro Chemistry Nanoscience/DuPont;NIH; DOE

RISE E BASE undergraduates must work in the research laboratory of one of the following off-campus research mentors in the summer months.


Off Campus Research Mentors Institution Source of Funding
Daniel Colon Yale University NSF,NIH
Mike Dean National Cancer Institute-NIH NIH NCI
Juan Rodriguez Flores Weil Cornell Medical College QNRF
Carlos Rinaldi University of Florida two R21; NSF CBET; P&G;
Andrew B. Gladden MD Anderson NIH
Benjamin G.Keselowsky University of Florida Pfizer; two RO1 NIDDK;
Kevin John Otto University of Florida two DARPA; NIH
Carmen Cadilla UPR Medical Sciences Campus NIH
Tanmay P. Lele University of Florida NSF; NIH R01
Sharilyn Almodovar Texas Tech R21 NIH;
Edu Suarez UPR Ponce NIH, PRST
Cherie Stabler University of Florida NIH R01, UC4; Diabetes Foundation
Reinhard Laubenbacher UCONN Health NIH R01; R25; NSF DMS; US Army
Andres Garcia Georgia Institute of Technology Three RO1; two R21; one T32;
Kyle D. Allen University of Florida NIH RO1; NIH T32
Naoko Tanese NYU School of Medicine Associate Dean NYU
Victor Torres NYU School of Medicine four RO1; 1 NIH contract; private

Experimental Biology 2019

Experimental Biology or simply EB is the annual meeting of five societies bringing together more than 12,000 scientists and 25 guest societies in one interdisciplinary meeting.  EB is the place to explore the tallest cutting edge in biomedical sciences.  EB welcomes everyone with interest in the latest research impacting life sciences.  Attendees represents scientists from academic institutions, government, non profit organizations and industry.  It features plenary lectures, workshops, symposium, poster presentations, on-site career services and exhibits spotlighting products and services integral to this professional community.  EB 2019 will be held from April 6 to April 9 in the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.  Further information regarding EB 2019 can be found by clicking here


The 2018 Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students (ABRCMS) will be held in Indiana, Indianapolis between November 14 and 17, 2018.  All RISE E BASE students must attend the conference.  You may enter the following link ( ) to learn about ABRCMS 2018.