NVDE Opportunity Areas Presentations (Guest Post by Manuel Perez)

Now that the students have a vast amount of observations, they have been tasked with extracting the necessary information to identify their opportunity areas. To do so, each team looked further into the information they obtained from their interviews and proceeded to extract insights, design directives, and guiding principles which eventually led them to their opportunity areas.

Recalling the topics the teams have chosen to pursue: Food Sovereignty, Waste Management, Transportation, Deaf Community, Water Management and Home-brewing; one by one, they each presented their respective opportunity areas and the ones they have chosen to pursue. 

The Quality of Life of the Deaf Community team identified problems with this community that I believe many people, myself included, have not even heard of and much less considered. By looking into a wide range of aspects of a Deaf person’s life and the hardships they face, this team is on a clear path to success and I am looking forward to learning about their proposed solutions. 

The Home-brewing team identified problems within the home-brewing experience. A particularly interesting aspect of this process is the high level of difficulty it possesses, something that was highlighted throughout their presentation. Considering this and other factors, they have sought out key areas in which to concentrate their efforts and make this hobby a more amicable experience.

The Water Management team: “Los Aguaceros” have dived into the problems each and every one of us face on a daily basis. In doing so they have identified a plethora of issues with the ways water is delivered, consumed and even bottled. This team has an incredible challenge ahead of them that upon completion, could potentially have a sizeable impact in our community.

The Transportation team: MoveIt shed some light onto the issues we face when transporting items ourselves. Ranging from shopping to just getting our items home, this group has looked past the problems we can identify every time we are moving items around and identified key areas in which to improve this everyday experience. From their insights and opportunity areas this is a group that has their work cut out for them.

Last but not least we have the Food Sovereignty team: Enough. This group has found problems within Puerto Rico’s agriculture that we are not even aware of. Their research and insights into the agricultural field has yielded significant results and opportunities they can attempt to solve. I believe that their contribution to Puerto Rico’s agriculture will bring about a significant change and serve as a step in the right direction.

Source: NVDE Jose Luego Blog Posts