The Wind Tunnel Laboratory is available for research purposes and elective courses in the areas of Engineering of Winds and Aerodynamics. The tunnel consists of a section of three (3) feet by three (3) feet and nine (9) feet in length. It has instruments to measure variables (instantaneous and average) such as velocity, turbulence, pressure, relative humidity, and air temperature. The laboratory also counts with the equipment to visualize airflow and an automated system for the acquisition of data to carry out experiments of scale models. The tunnel can be adapted to have a speed profile, uniform type or that can consider the effects of a boundary layer. This allows executing research on the effects of hurricane winds on structures, determine flow patterns and wind turbulence around objects through visuals or through a hot filament anemometer.  Drag forces and supporting models to be studied can also be measured through a balance system or by the integration of objects such as: classic and sports cars, the solar car, airplanes with different types of ailerons, houses with different roof setups, industrial buildings, fluid storage tanks and/or silos that are standing alone or as a part of them. The effect of the topography of Puerto Rico in the distribution of the wind on the island is also being tested.