Construction Engineering and Management studies the factors related to the construction of projects in order for a professional to have the necessary skills and knowledge to ensure that the projects are successfully accomplished. The professional develops knowledge in all the areas of Civil Engineering since the product being developed is a result of the intervention through the planning and design of all other areas. The civil engineer specialized in Construction Engineering and Management clearly understands the project being carried and adds other general knowledge of construction processes and project managements that will allow completing a project with the assigned budget and within the time-frame desired to meet all criteria of quality, legality, sustainability and efficiency.

Students learn about non-traditional topics outside the Civil Engineering context, like architectural terms such as legal and financial concepts, from the point of view of the engineer. This is important because the engineer works with other professionals from the already mentioned fields and needs a common vocabulary for a good communication and effectiveness when working with these professionals. What is intended is to expose the civil engineer to these concepts with the idea of creating a fundamental background for their professional growth. It is not expected to create experts in the legal, financials, and architectural areas, but to have civil engineers with a full understanding of the general concepts of these.

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