Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering (BSCE)

Civil Engineering involves a very diverse field, in which a wide knowledge is acquired and makes students capable of performing efficiently in their professional life. This preparation is supported by an extensive training of the usage of the computation tools that are described in the areas studied in the Bachelors of the Civil Engineering Program. This program is accredited by ABET.


Bachelor's in Surveying and Topography (BSST)

Surveying, also known as Geomatics, is a subdivision of geodesy (science that determines the form and size of our planet) that develops all kinds of maps. Surveying seeks to determine the form, size, and position of smaller portions of lands such as solar properties. This discipline requires mathematical preparation and a science concentration, mainly, physical, optical, and astronomy. In practical terms, Surveying is practical application of the geometry of space and surface representation (More Information… ).