The services offered at the Office of Orientation are guided into promoting the development of the student; contributing to the achievement of the student’s personal and professional objectives through a series of direct interventions in the following areas: educational-academic, emotional-personal, and vocational-occupational. For more information, the office is located in S-225, Ext. 2504.

How can we help you?

Utilizing a variety of techniques with the support of our professional staff, students are guided into discovering the nature of their skills and aptitudes, preferences or vocational interest, attitudes, capacity, and limitations.  This also helps in the search for alternatives and solutions to deal with student lifestyle issues such as poor study habits, inadequate decision making, problems adapting to university lifestyle, conflictive interpersonal relations, anxiety, and depression.

Offered Services

  1. Individual or group orientation and counseling. This is offered to students with difficulty adapting to university lifestyle or that present problems in personal, educational, vocational, family, social, or psychological areas.
  2. Interpretation and administration of test and inventory.
  3. Psychological services.
  4. Social services.
  5. Group orientations (workshops, conferences, educational presentations) in the areas of study habits, career choices, stress management, personal growth, and others.
  6. Pre-University orientation for high school students about our programs and the services the campus offers.
  7. Cases referral and consult.
  8. Activity program for first year student orientation (orientation week).
  9. Extended Orientation Program for first year students.
  10. Lounge of Education-Occupational Information. Orientation of graduate and professional studies in Puerto Rico and abroad is offered. This lounge is equipped with a collection of college catalogs, informative guides about studies in different specialties and career information. Applications for admission exams required by graduate schools are distributed.
  11. Tutoring program in the following subjects: Science, Math, English, and Spanish.
  12. Guiding Students Program. They offer orientation to facilitate the adaptation of a freshman student, and this serves as a link between students and professionals.

The Athletes Orientation Program is open to all student athletes on campus. Through this program, athletes can identify their personal, academics, and vocational problems, and seek for a possible solution. In addition, it helps the student overcome conflicts and boundaries that can be presented as a result of the time they dedicate to sports.

The University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus, established the Office of the Student Advocate with its best interest in providing services to the student through a fast and informal solution, based on the conflicts that may arise in the university. This office will help, investigate, and study the situations that affect the rights of the student community and will encourage the improvement of the quality of teaching and efficiency in the carried out service. (For more information, click  here)