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The UPRM Coastal Resilience Center (CRC) is sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security. The objective of the CRC is to provide resilience education and help develop the workforce of first responders, professionals, students, and faculty, who work against hazards affecting the coastal infrastructure with a special focus on our Island.

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In a rapidly changing world, understanding and addressing the challenges of climate change are more critical than ever. Our webinar, Climate Trends, Projections, Policy, Resilient Communities, and Infrastructure Design, offers a dynamic exploration of key topics at the intersection of climate change, policy, and community resilience. This engaging webinar will provide valuable insights into critical climate-related issues.

Resource: Ernesto L. Díaz, MEM | Caribbean Regional Manager Tetra Tech, Inc.

APRIL 13, 2023

Ada and Maritza share their knowledge and views on climate change. The talk Gira Educativa sobre Cambio Climático is presented by the Comité de Expertos y Asesores sobre Cambio Climático (CEACC) created under Law 33-2019, known as the Puerto Rico Climate Change Mitigation, Adaptation and Resilience Act. This law establishes the formation of a committee of experts and advisors to outline a Mitigation, Adaptation, and Resilience Plan for Puerto Rico.

Resources: Ada Monzón & Maritza Barreto | CEACC

Welcome to UPRM-DHS CRC

a project funded by the Coastal Resilience Center of Excellence

Hurricane Maria, Source: NOAA/NASA Goddard Rapid Response Team

Calle Post, Mayagüez, after Hurricane María. Source: Ismael Pagán Trinidad

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hazards such as floods and hurricanes.

infrastructure, economies, and the natural environment from the impacts of coastal

The CRC conducts research and education to enhance the resilience of people,

Source: Ismael Pagán Trinidad

Source: Ismael Pagán Trinidad

El Maní, Mayagüez, after Hurricane María. Source: Ismael Pagán Trinidad

Source: Ismael Pagán Trinidad

Guanajibo, Mayagüez, after Hurricane María. Source: Ismael Pagán Trinidad

UPRM after Hurricane María, Source: Ismael Pagán Trinidad

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