The Resilient Community Center guide is a response to the need to design community centers with the capacity to face climate, social, and economic changes. At the same time, serve as community educational and socio-economic development centers throughout the year. This duality of being prepared for an emergency, but also being relevant and active throughout the year, is of great importance to ensure, year after year, the community increases its organizational capacity to make positive changes.

This guide is an expansion to the Community Engagement chapter published in ‘Keep Safe, A Guide for Resilient Housing Design in Island Communities’. The main authors of this expansion guide have contributed diverse perspectives and knowledge to achieve robust and relevant content without being long or very complicated. The purpose is to make the guide accessible to all, including community members and community leaders. We are very grateful to the group of advisors who through the process provided clarity and strategic value.


The guide is available in the following link.

For the spanish version of the guide, see the following link.