Doctorate students that do not have a master in Civil Engineering and wish to obtain it as part of their doctoral studies may do so. The general guidelines to obtain the master’s degree must comply with the letter of the Office of Graduate Studies Director (spanish).

In all cases, students should do a plan of study of their masters and meet all the requisites to obtain the degree of the selected plan.  

In order to facilitate the granting of the degree, the following procedure was established

After passing all the required courses for the doctorate degree, except the dissertation, and passing the written part of the preliminary exam, the student will request by letter to the Department Director the granting of the master’s degree. A plan of studies of the master’s plan 3 must be included, required by the Registrar.

  • The Graduate Committee of the student shall certify to the director that the student passed the exam of plan 3 and will recommend the granting of the master’s degree.
  • The Director will verify that the student has approved the credits and exams, and will recommend to the Dean the granting of the Masters of Civil Engineering Degree (MCE).
  • The student must apply for graduation within the established period. The faculty will approve the student’s graduation.
  • The Registrar will certify the student meets all the requirements.
  • The student will graduate of the master’s program and will continue active in the Doctoral Program.