A list of the graduate and advanced level courses offered as part of the Transportation Engineering Program is presented next. For more information on the courses, visit the Graduate Catalog or contact us (Link is down below).


Course IDCourse Name
INCI 5029Principles of Urban Planning
INCI 5065Production of Bituminous Materials
INCI 5146Introduction to Traffic Engineering
INCI 6045Pavement Design
INCI 6046Urban Transportation Planning
INCI 6047Traffic Engineering
INCI 6048Transportation System Analysis
INCI 6049Transportation System Evaluation
INCI 6050Advanced Transportation System Analysis
INCI 6051Mass Transportation Systems
INCI 6068Pavement Management
INCI 6090Geometric Design of Highways
INCI 6108Road Safety Analysis
INCI 6119Data Analysis and Modeling of Transportation System
INCI 6130Pedestrian and Bycicle Transportation
INCI 6997Special Topics: Human Factors


Transportation Area Coordinator: Dr. Ivette Cruzado: ivette.cruzado@upr.edu