Here at AnCross, we find that the best way to solve a problem is to avoid it from the beginning. Our team, composed of highly caring individuals, has one critical goal in mind: eliminating the risk of cross-contamination in clinical scenes. Each year, cross-contamination is responsible for approximately 2 million hospital-associated infections, thousands of deaths, and healthcare costs of billions of dollars in the USA alone. Our thorough research revealed that one of the leading causes of cross-contamination in the clinical scene is the failure to follow proper hand-washing procedures. That is why we have created our AnCross System.

Our system consists of a wearable device for all health care personnel, a smart faucet that will detect the device, identify its user, and supervise the hand- washing procedure so that our AnCross software platform can analyze the results and determine if the process was done correctly, saving the results for supervisors to see and act upon later.