NVDE 4.0


We are eBella, a cosmetic tool company that creates innovative tools for common problems in the cosmetic field. Quickeye was created to standardize and facilitate the winged eyeliner application in a short amount of time. It is composed of a frame in which standardized stencils for the eyeliner are added into.

Invention X Enterprise

We want to provide security in body movements done on practices and competitions, provide confidence to athletes when playing, and protect the most vulnerable areas from injuries such as the knee. I-Motive is a Knee brace that provides relief, stability and security, through gel pads in specific points and compressed textiles, to ligaments and tendons at high risk of injury.


Aim to reduce the struggle that guitarists and bassists encounter when trying to achieve all the sounds they desire while using a single instrument. This Pickup installation system allows you to change your guitar pickups to any other pickup in the market, quickly, and effectively with little effort.


The problem we want to solve begins close to home, with the concern for the safety of one of your most loved ones. If you want an autonomous product that protects your elders from a possibly deadly fire, extinguish fires, and, more importantly, protects your elders then Zappe is the product you need.


Buddies is a portable device that helps women feel more secure when walking alone at night. Buddies counts with a system that is connected to your smartphone with the exclusive instruction of sending your live location to five predetermined contacts of your choice.


Boost was created by 3 marketing students looking for innovative ways to charge mobile devices while outdoors and away from power outlets. A sunshade with integrated solar power that generates enough electricity to charge handheld devices, while also protecting the user from sun rays.