NVDE 3.0


At AnCross, we find that the best way to solve a problem is to avoid it from the beginning. Our system consists of a wearable device for all health care personnel, a smart faucet that will detect the device, identify its user, and supervise the hand- washing procedure so that our AnCross software platform can analyze the results and determine if the process was done correctly, saving the results for supervisors to see and act upon later.

Lixi Waste

There are many people in the United States and Puerto Rico who want to reduce their contact with waste, specially costumers that have their own homes, family and a good source of income. Lixi-Waste is here to solve that.

NSF Waste

ZealyBin is an indoor trash bin capable of sealing your trash bags allowing you to get the most from your bags.

Energy Watchers

We are Energy Watchers. Our multidisciplinary team’s mission is to help people monitor their energy consumption.

Western Instruments

Western Instruments is a company whose mission is to improve the experience of patients in waiting rooms.

OLI Energy

OLI Energy originated when seven individuals came together looking for a solution to a recurring problem in Puerto Rico. They identified a necessity in people with impediments, especially those who have chronic conditions or medical needs, for which it is essential that some type of device can refrigerate their medicine.