NVDE 5.0


HERE is a software made to improve the attendance taking process in college level classes while promoting honesty, efficiency, and communication between students and educators.


With the satisfaction of our customers as our main drive, B-Ready serves as the mind behind your most important emergency preparedness systems. Ranging from furniture with high storage capabilities to customized survival guides for natural disasters. We thrive in getting our customers Ready, always.

Colegial Express

Colegial Express was developed to provide a transportation service to UPRM students with the aim of encouraging students to use the parking available for the institution outside the campus, since in the investigation process it was identified that there was a problem in vehicle flow and transportation for the students of the UPRM institution.

Easy Seat

Our product consists of a rotating adaptable car seat with the primary purpose of assisting physically disabled people into getting in and out of a car. We developed this product partly due to the personal experiences of one of our founding team members, Jairier Rivera, with his grandfather. The Easy Seat also features other mechanisms that make it a unique offering to the market compared to its competition.

Crystal Drop

The Crystal Drop Project is a product in development which aims to solve a problem with the water infrastructure. People were having a hard time knowing how much water is in their cistern, and if the water was healthy enough for the consumption. Crystal Drop will be a system applicable to a tank able to tell by an electronic device or app how much water there is and if it is good for consumption. Our goal is to provide security of the water that is consumed.