NVDE 7.0

RUM Point

It is a mobile service to locate public transport vehicles on the premises. The purpose of this is to make it easy and quick to access for the convenience of the student body.

Pura Cosecha

Pure Harvest is a web page that gives farmers a space where they can sell their local harvests efficiently in order to achieve a greater reach of customers without the need to sacrifice their valuable time.

Compost and Recycling Bins

We seek to solve the lack of education and action to form a pro-environmental community on campus by the student body and administration.

My Green Lookbook

My Green Lookbook is a multipurpose application helps people to have a list of their pieces of clothing to reduce their compulsive purchases as well as tools to dispose of clothes in an environmentally safe way.

Médico Móvil

We offer a quality service and direct sensitivity to the home, which is highly designed to address concerns by adapting to the needs of each patient (disabled or elderly).


The problem we are solving is the lack of education and action to form a community pro-environmental on campus by corps student and administration.

E.C. Toilet

Minimize the difficulty when using the toilet at home.
Guarantee independence in a critical part of our days.
Provide safety when using the toilet.

Alternate Solutions

Alternate Solutions ensures that every puertorican has the basic necessities even in times of crisis by unique and innovative energy solutions.