NVDE 6.0

Elderly Secure Treadmill

Elderly Secure Treadmill provide a safe, compact, and easy to use tool for the development of lower-body strength that can be used in the comfort of a sofa.

APPA Apartment

APPA Apartments are an innovative website that provide college students a secure and effective way to select university housing.


Hourglass created the Raincoat-Backpack that is an impermeable backpack with a compartment that has a built-in raincoat attached, making it a reliable, practical, and affordable selection for forgetful students in the rush of life.

Listening to ASD

Listening to ASD improve mutual understanding between the parent and child with autistic syndrome through a set of cards joined by a keychain.

P.R. Recycles

Provide Puerto Rican homeowners a viable way of disposing their recyclable waste. Provide consumer with the ease to transition from traditional bags to eco-friendly ones.

Healthy Versity

Healthy Versity is an app integrated service to order fresh and prepared meals or snacks, with quick pick up in our food stands. Food stands would be strategically located around campus for the students to pick up their already ordered and prepared meal.