NVDE 1.0

Blu Horizon

Blu Horizon was born from a desire to give homeowners in Puerto Rico more control over their water usage.


Hiveshare is a cloud storage solution focused on sharing.

Loxodonta Energy

At the beginning of 2016 Loxodonta Energy imagined a technology that can divert food waste from the dumpster and create energy off-grid.


MoveIt!emerged in 2015 with the mission to innovate the transportation of domestic items with their new product: Tragbar.


PerceptionWare is an innovative technology startup dedicated to building wearable solution to daily problems.


In Puerto Rico there are many major events that create tons of trash. This trash contains lots of recyclables that end up in a local landfill.


Turn App is a mobile application that focuses on reducing the waiting time of the patients at a doctor’s waiting room.