NSF Waste

Do you enjoy dealing with your trash? If you’re like most people, odds are you don’t. Trash management can be a hassle in our busy lifestyles and leaving your trash in the bin for too long creates foul odors that attract pests such as rats, roaches, and flies. With this problem in mind, our NSFWaste team of engineers and marketers designed a special solution just for you.

Introducing ZealyBin. ZealyBin is an indoor trash bin capable of sealing your trash bags allowing you to get the most from your bags. Our product accomplishes this by heat sealing your bags inside the trash bin, making it an easier and more sanitary trash management process. The added see-through doors in the front of the trash bin allows you to keep track of your daily waste and decide when the appropriate time to seal your bag is. After your bag is full, those doors will allow easier access to your trash. Because you can seal the same bag multiple times, you will save money on trash bags by not having to discard half-full bags due to odors.