Invention X Enterprise

Did you know that our research in UPRM Campus reflected more than 40% on knee and elbow’s injuries? We are IXE “Invention X Enterprise” create by: Christian Orta, Manuel Ríos, Josseline Berrocales & Joselyn Espinal. We want to provide security in body movements done on practices and competitions, provide confidence to athletes when playing, and protect the most vulnerable areas from injuries such as the knee. I-Motive is a Knee brace that provides relief, stability and security, through gel pads in specific points and compressed textiles, to ligaments and tendons at high risk of injury such as the Fibular Collateral Ligament (FCL) and the Previous Cruciate Ligament (ACL). Come to see us and remember, “With I-motive: Infinity passions, Infinity movements, Infinity you”