There is no College of Education at UPRM. Established in 1966 and headed by the Dean of Academic Affairs, the Teacher Preparation Program (TPP or PPM in Spanish) offers the full range of initial teacher preparation education courses to candidates who have completed a bachelor’s degree or are pursuing a bachelor’s degree at UPRM as well as to those enrolled in the Math Education or Teaching in Physical Education programs. Altogether, the TPP prepares teacher candidates in 12 areas: art, biology, business education, chemistry, English, history, mathematics, physical education, physical science, social studies, Spanish, and theater. The TPP offers fundamental education courses in alternate route including methodology and teaching practice needed by teacher candidates who are:

1) pursuing a bachelor’s degree at UPRM in a non-educational program,

2) holding a bachelor’s degree in a non-educational field from any accredited institution, or

3) pursuing a BA in K-12 Teaching in Physical Education or a BS in Mathematics Education.


The Math Education BS in Mathematics and the Teaching in Physical Education BA in Physical Education are offered by the Departments of Mathematical Sciences and Physical Education (Kinesiology) respectively. These departments respond to the Dean of Arts and Sciences. Established in 1932, the College of Agriculture’s Department of Agricultural Education, offers all education courses to agriculture teacher candidates. UPRM is the only institution in Puerto Rico that prepares agriculture teachers. All teacher preparation at UPRM emphasizes breadth and depth of content knowledge ranging from 21 credits in theater to 63 credits in English. UPRM teacher candidates approved Puerto Rico’s Teacher Certification exams (PCMAS in Spanish) with a preliminary 92% summary pass rate in 2016 and one or more highest scores on one to four exams (Fundamentals, Professional Competencies, or one of the five Specialization Exams) every year for the past seven years.