UPRM Vision

To be a leading institution in higher education and research, transforming society through the pursuit of knowledge in an environment of ethics, justice, and peace.


UPRM Mission

To provide excellent service to Puerto Rico and to the world by: . Forming educated, cultured, capable, critical thinking citizens professionally prepared in the fields of agricultural sciences, engineering, arts, sciences, and business administration so they may contribute to the educational, cultural, social, technological and economic development. Performing creative work, research and service to meet society’s needs and to make available the results of these activities.

We provide our students with the skills and sensibility needed to effectively address and solve current challenges and to exemplify the values and attitudes that should prevail in a democratic society that treasures and respects diversity (see 1.1.9 UPRM Strategic Plan 2012-2022 page 5).


UPRM Teacher Preparation Vision

In the context of the vision and mission of the institution, the Teacher Preparation Programs aspire to develop subject matter specialists who are active teachers and lifelong learners who are highly capable, effective, dedicated educators in their fields.


UPRM Teacher Preparation Mission

The mission of the Teacher Preparation Programs reflect the UPRM mission. The unit’s mission is to serve society by preparing professional educators who are subject matter specialists with dispositions of social, cultural, humanistic sensibilities and ethical values, who also possess competence, skills and general knowledge, all of which will allow them to be highly effective teachers. The unit prepares subject matter specialists as professional educators, committed to vanguard educational paradigms, with an inquisitive attitude, capable of creative and critical thinking, and with mastery of pedagogical and conceptual knowledge in their discipline.