Artificial Intelligence Education and Research Institute (AIEaRI)

The mission of the interdisciplinary AIEARI is to advance knowledge and provide education in artificial intelligence theory, architectures, methods, systems and applications that will best contribute to human, societal, and economic prosperity.


A global peaceful society where intelligent technology interactively equalizes the opportunities available for every person to learn, apply, create, and flourish.

  • Increase contribution of locally originating fundamental and applied research innovations in interdisciplinary artificial intelligence science and technology.
  • Educate present and next generation students to contribute to and make use of interactive artificial intelligence solutions.
  • Support local and foreign industries in understanding and applying artificial intelligence solutions in education, healthcare, information technology, finance, government and manufacturing.
  • Artificial Intelligence Architectures, Systems, and Methods
  • Robust, Adversarial, and High Performance Artificial Intelligence
  • Human Behavior‐based Computing Systems
  • Benefits and Impact of AI on Puerto Rico Economy, Society, and Culture
  • Philosophy and Psychology of Artificial Intelligence
  • Social and Ethical Considerations in Artificial Intelligence
  • Intelligent Agents and Systems
  • Data Science, Analytics and Big Data Applications
  • Novel Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Comprehensive Artificial Intelligence Curriculum Development and Instruction
  • High School Education Programs in AI
  • Academic, Community, and Industrial Seminars, Training and Mentorship
  • Intellectual Property