Minor Concentration in Computer Science and Engineering


The Department of Computer Science and Engineering has a new minor concentration in Computer Science and Engineering. This minor concentration allows students to gain skills and experiences in the area of computer science in order to:

      1. Understand the processes and ways of solving problems by computational methods
      2. Effectively use computational software, systems and tools
      3. Interact productively with computer professionals.

For Additional Information

For more information, send email to any of the following persons:

Qualifying Students and Admission Requirements

The new minor is available to students throughout the Campus, except for those in the CIIC (0508), INSO (0509), ICOM (0507) and COMP (1220) programs. This is because these four programs cover the content of the minor as part of their regular curriculum. The above list is not necessarily complete. In general, students from other programs with course requirements similar to those required in this minor will not be accepted. 

In addition to the requirement that your program of study not be on the above list, in order to be accepted to this minor, the applicant must:

      1. Have completed their first year of study.
      2. GPA of 2.5 or higher.
      3. Have passed CIIC 3015, INGE 3016, or its equivalent.
      4. Not have passed more than 50% of the credits of the minor at the time of application.

Application Process

You must apply through the Registrar’s Office to the program with code 4507. This is the code for the minor in Computer Science and Engineering.

Minor Curriculum

The curriculum for this minor is as follows:

      1. Pass the following three courses with a grade of C or better:
        1. CIIC 3075 – Foundations of Computing (3 crds)
        2. CIIC 4010 – Advanced Programming  (4 crds)
        3. CIIC 4020 – Data Structures (4 crds)
      2. Pass one of the following courses with a grade of C or better (Minor Elective – 3 crds):
        1. CIIC 5019 – High Performance Computing
        2. CIIC 4025 – Design and Analysis of Algorithms
        3. CIIC 4030 – Programing Languages
        4. CIIC 5015 – Artificial Intelligence
        5. INSO 4101 – Intro. to Software Engineering
        6. INSO 5111 – Intro. to Human Computer Interaction

El Departamento de Ciencia e Ingeniería de Computación mantendrá una lista actualizada de los cursos electivos del minor. Se podrán añadir nuevos cursos a la lista más adelante.

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering will maintain an updated list of the minor’s elective courses. New courses may be added to the list at a later date.