To stay in step with the new electronic educational frontier the Department of Geology of Arts and Sciences provides a state of the art Geology Computer Lab for their students and faculty.  The Geology Computer Lab houses 19 new Dell Precision Series with Intel Xeon processor running a variety of geology, math, graphics, and programming applications.  The lab is open most days from 7:45AM to 4:30PM.


Operating Systems
Windows 10 Pro 64bit Educational Version

Geology Computer Lab. Software
Adobe Illustrator CS – image editing
ArcGIS 10.8 – geographic information system (GIS) for working with maps and geographic information
  ENVI 5.5 – Geospatial analytics
  Matlab R2019b – Signal Processing tool and Mapping tool
  MS Office 2016 Suite – Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Open source software
7-Zip – for archiving, compressing and decompressing files
Adobe Reader DC – read PDF files
GeoViewer 9.0.3 – Geospatial imaging
Gimp 2.10.12 – image editing
Google Earth Pro – 3D globe allows to interactively visualize information
Google Chrome – web browser
GrassGIS 7.6.1 – Geographic information system
R Ver. 36.1 – Statistical computing and graphics
VLC – Multimedia player

Geology Computer Lab support Hardware
One Dell Color Printer
One HP Color Scanner
One Sony Bravia LED TV 60”

Classes given in the Geology Computer Lab
GEOL 3105 Images of the Earth
GEOL 4048 Geological Applications of Remote Sensing
GEOL 6225 Advanced Geological Remote Sensing
GEOL 5996 / GEOL 6991 GIS For The Earth Science
GEOL 6228 Structural Analysis
GEOL 4017 Geomorphology


Problems/Feedback / User Service Support

Robert Ropiza
Tel: (787) 832-4040  Ext. 2231

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