Guide for Resilient Community Center Design in Island Communities

The Resilient Community Center guide is a response to the need to design community centers with the capacity to face climate, social, and economic changes. And at the same time, serve as community educational and socio-economic development centers throughout the year. This duality of being prepared for an emergency, but also being relevant and active…

Earthquakes of the Caribbean: 1918 – 2019

The M6.0 earthquake that occurred near Puerto Rico on September 24, 2019, was the largest earthquake to strike the U.S. territory in five years. It was not, however, the largest recorded earthquake there. That distinction goes to the July 7, 1943, M7.7 earthquake that thankfully did not generate a tsunami. Other earthquakes, and sometimes the…

UPRM/CRC focus on greater diversity in STEM/HSE

The Coastal Resilience Center (CRC) is committed to increasing the representation of minority groups in the Homeland Security Enterprise (HSE), in emergency management, planning and engineering fields. To meet this goal, the CRC is partnering with four Minority-Serving Institutions (MSIs) to create undergraduate and graduate programs to improve access to the education needed to pursue…

Scholarship Endowment Fund for Graduate Students

Applicants must complete and file the required documents electronically on or before November 1, 2019.   About the Fund: The Endowment Fund of the University of Puerto Rico aims to support the academic and research activities of the The University of Puerto Rico, ensuring the fiscal stability of the Institution for future generations. The Fund…

RESolutions is Hiring

RESolutions is looking for Civil Engineers or some similar area for job offers. Our organization believes and supports the creation of a safe and resilient Puerto Rico. With that said, we aspire to unite the best talent in Puerto Rico to benefit our communities and our people. We want the best talents from your Department…

ASR Undergraduate Research Experience

If you are interested, please prepare a paragraph explaining why you want to participate in this research, and another one detailing your time availability. The deadline to apply is October 6, 2019.

Instrucciones para Ajustes de Matricula de Verano 2019

A todos los estudiantes de Ingenieria Civil y Agrimensura:   Los ajustes de matrícula para el verano 2019 se realizarán el día 30 de mayo de 2019 dentro y fuera del Recinto a través de . Ese día sólo se atenderán los ajustes para la sesión de Verano 2019. PROCESO PARA ATENDER ESTUDIANTES Con…

Civil Engineering Students Received the “2019 Traffic Safety Scholars (TSS)” Award

Civil Engineering and Surveying Department graduate students Maria Rojas, Enid Colon Torres, and Yindhira Taveras had been named 2019 Traffic Safety Scholars (TSS).

Oregon State University Research Experience for Undergraduates

Oregon State University is proud to announce the availability of paid research internships for 3 students during the summer.

Research Opportunity for UPRM Students

The 29th UPRM-ERDC Summer Internship Program will be celebrated for ten weeks beginning June 2019. Up to forty students from various disciplines at UPRM may be selected, based on availability, to participate in undergraduate and graduate research experiences in various laboratories at the Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC) of the US Army Corp of Engineers.