Photo of Graduate Student Miguel Loubriel
Loubriel, Miguel W.

Thesis Topic: Seasonal Sand Composition at Rincon Public Beach Advisor: Dr. Wilson Ramírez Email:

Thesis Topic: Seismology and Geophysics: New Fault Characterization at Southwestern Puerto Rico Advisor: Dr. Elizabeth Vanacore Email:

Photo of Graduate Student Hiriagnny Lorenzo
Lorenzo, Hiriagnny A.

Thesis Topic: Tsunami Modeling, Earthquake Hazard, PR Seismic Network Operations Advisor: Dr. Alberto M. López Email:

Photo of Graduate Student Jarelys González
González, Jarelys

Thesis Topic: Ground Based Measurements of  SO₂ fluxes and Correlation with Recent Activity at the Volcanoes in Guatemala: Pacaya, Fuego and the Santiaguito Dome Complex Advisor: Dr. Lizzette Rodríguez Email:

Photo of Graduate Student Elmer González
González, Elmer

Thesis Topic: The Search for Porphyry Copper and Iron Skarn Ore Deposits in Puerto Rico utilizing Hydrogeochemical Prospecting Techniques Advisor: Dr. Thomas R. Hudgins Email: elmer.gonzá

Thesis Topic: Timing and Evolution of Ore Forming Fluids in the Keystone Skarn, Puerto Rico Advisor: Dr. Thomas Hudgins Email:

Photo of Graduate Student Tania Figueroa
Figueroa, Tania

Thesis Topic: Landslide Forecasting for Puerto Rico: Establishing Hydro-meteorological Thresholds for Rainfall-induced Mass Wasting Advisor: Dr. Stephen Hughes Email:

Photo of Graduate Student Luis Espada
Espada, Luis


Thesis Topic: Using petrographic techniques to characterize beach sand composition in Puerto Rico: A tool to better understand beach erosion process Advisor: Dr. Wilson Rodríguez Email:

Photo of Graduate Student Desiree Bayouth
Bayouth, Desiree

Thesis Topic: Characterization of Mass Wasting Material and Transport Efficiency in the Central Mountains of Puerto Rico Advisor: Dr. Stephen Hughes Email:

Phot of Graduate Student Mathew Baez
Baez, Matthew

Thesis Topic: Late Holocene Exploration of Overwash Deposits at the Joyuda Lagoon, Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico Advisor: Dr. Alberto López Venegas Email: