Financial aid for graduate students is granted to perform teaching, research or service tasks in the department and are called assistant-ships. The Department offers a limited number of assistant-ships and these are granted based on the availability of funds and the following priorities:

  1. Doctoral students.
  2. Master of Science students – plan 1.
  3. Master’s students in engineering – plan 2.

An assistant-ship is not normally offered to master’s degree students in engineering – plan 3. Students who are already in the department and who have done satisfactory work when they have been granted assistant-ship have priority over new students.

Teaching assistant-ships are granted to dictate courses, laboratories, or to correct works in a course that has an excess of students. Research assistant-ships are granted to work on research projects that have been awarded to professors of the department and that have funds for graduate students. Normally the original funds for research come from outside the University and for this reason, most of the research assistant-ships are from external funds. The service assistant-ships are granted to carry out support tasks, for example, publication editions or attention to the computer centers or laboratories.

The monthly amount paid for assistant-ships varies with the number of credits assigned, with the assigned task, and with the academic preparation. Currently, a teaching assistant-ship of 6 credits for a master student pays $ 917.00 per month.