Plan 1: Thesis – M.S. in Mechanical Engineering

Seminar1INME 6017:
Grad Seminar
Advanced Math3 Full list of Advanced Math Courses
Specialty Area Courses12The focus of the coursework in the Graduate Curriculum is in four (4) Specialty Areas listed as follows:

• Thermal/Fluid Science
• Machine Science
• Materials and Manufacturing
• Bio/Micro-Scale Engineering

Each Specialty Area has a list of courses to choose from (see link below).
The student has to approve 3 courses in the selected Specialty Area and 1 course listed as an option under any of the Specialty Areas.
Full list of Specialty Areas Courses
Free Electives9Electives are chosen in consultation with the student's Research Advisor. The following restrictions apply: a maximum of 9 credits of 5000 level courses and INME 5015/5995/5996/6995 courses must be approved by the Graduate Committee.
Thesis6INME6099: Research
INME6099: Research


For a Full list of Graduate courses, go here