Current Mechanical Engineering Students (and alumni) are characterized by their creativity and strong coop and/or special projects participation.  If you are part of our program….Congratulations! As an undergraduate mechanical engineering student, you have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of projects ranging from race cars to pure scientific research (and yes, everything in between!). If you are interested in participating on any of these projects or research activities, be on alert for activities organized by teams and associations!

Mechanical Engineering is an ever evolving field. It now includes many major and minor research and development areas which are applicable to everyday challenges faced by industry leaders. Becoming involved in these activities (while keeping an eye on your Academic excellence) will enable you to thrive as a Mechanical Engineer both in industry leading companies and graduate school.

Where do I focus in ME?

At the Mechanical Engineering Program, current students may be focused on different areas within the program itself. Students can take undergraduate research, special projects and Co-op opportunities. Here you will find the current curriculum, electives and additional information, essential to every ME student.

INME Curriculum 2007-2019 (for freshmen and transfers entering the program on or before Aug 2019)

INME Curriculum 2020   (for freshmen and transfers entering the program on or after Aug 2020)

INME Curriculum 2022 (for freshmen and transfers entering the program on or after Aug 2022)

What resources do I have available?

Students currently enrolled in the Department of Mechanical Engineering can request access to our CAD Lab. The CAD Lab is equipped with workstations working 24/7. These workstations provide students with access to State-of-the-Art software and industry used resources to further enhance their out-of-the-classroom experience. Some of our courses make use of these software licenses to provide Academic training that can be applied to real-world experiences.

Available Software:

Access Request:

The instructions to receive an access key can be found in the following link:


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