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Mechanical Engineering


The Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez was established in 1913 as part of the College of Agriculture and Mechanical Arts (CAAM). From its inception to supply engineers to a flourishing sugar industry in Puerto Rico, the ME Department has been committed to a high standard of excellence in teaching.

Mechanical Engineering


Hundreds of engineers have graduated through the solid five year program that the ME Department offers and occupy prestigious positions in industries all over the world but particularly in Puerto Rico and the United States. A graduate program at the Master’s level was introduced in 1967 to carry out academically relevant research. A Ph.D. program has been approved and will be starting on January, 2016.

Mechanical Engineering


The Department currently has an undergraduate student population of about 800 students, 18% of which is female. The average number of ME graduates fluctuates between 120 and 140 each year. At the graduate level, about 40 students are actively registered. There are 23 tenured and tenure-track faculty members who carry out high quality academic research in the areas of Thermal-Fluid Sciences, Machine Sciences, Materials and Manufacturing and Bio/Micro-Scale Engineering.