Plan 2: Non Theses – M.Eng. in Mechanical Engineering

Requirements Credits Courses
Seminar 1 INME 6017:
Grad Seminar
Advanced Math 3 Full list of Advanced Math Courses
Specialty Area Courses 12 The focus of the coursework in the Graduate Curriculum is in four (4) Specialty Areas listed as follows:

• Thermal/Fluid Science
• Machine Science
• Materials and Manufacturing
• Bio/Micro-Scale Engineering

Each Specialty Area has a list of courses to choose from (see link below).
The student has to approve 3 courses in the selected Specialty Area and 1 course listed as an option under any of the Specialty Areas.
Full list of Specialty Areas Courses

ME Electives 6 Electives are chosen in consultation with the student's Research Advisor. The following restrictions apply: a maximum of 9 credits of 5000 level courses and INME 5015/5995/5996/6995 courses must be approved by the Graduate Committee.
Free Electives 9
Project 3 INME6998: Project
Total 34

For a Full list of Graduate courses, go here