Aerospace Engineering Minor

The Department of Mechanical Engineering, in an effort to prepare engineering students for the developing aerospace field in Puerto Rico and abroad, has created a minor in Aerospace Engineering. The goal of the aerospace minor, is to educate students to identify and solve aerospace-related problems in the fields of structures, propulsion and aerodynamics

The Aerospace Engineering minor involves an intense bundle of classes which deliver to the student a thorough understanding of how aircraft and aerodynamic systems work. In order to start with this minor, the student must go to the Registrar’s office and apply for it. Some of the basic requirements include, but are NOT limited to:

  1. Must be a 3rd year engineering student, in good standing at UPRM.
  2. Apply during the period for re-admissions and/or transfers at UPRM (usually Sept 15 for January; Feb 15 for August).  See the academic calendar for the exact dates.

NOTE:  There is no penalty for students who apply or begin the minor and do not complete the minor’s requirements.


The student must complete 5 courses (15 credits) with a maximum of 12 credits double counted as free electives towards an ME BS.

NOTE: INME 4707 does not count towards completion of the Minor Degree. However, it is a necessary prerequisite to INME 5707.

Course Offering
Applied Aerodynamics
INME4001 or INME4045 or INQU4011, INGE4010 or (INGE 4015 & INGE4016), INGE3016, MATE4009 or MATE41453X
Aircraft Performance
INGE4010 or (INGE 4015 & INGE4016), INGE3016, MATE4009 or MATE4145 or DIR3X
Aircraft Structural Analysis and Design
INGE4010 or (INGE 4015 & INGE4016), INGE3016, INGE4012, INGE4019 or INGE4012, MATE4009 or MATE41453X
Advanced Aircraft Structural Design
INME4717 or DIR
Gas Turbine Thermodynamics and Propolsion
INME4002 or INME4045 or INQU4012, INGE4010 or (INGE 4015 & INGE4016), INGE3016 and MATE4009 or MATE4145, DIR3X
Gas Turbine System Operation
INME4707 or DIR3X