UPRM Economic Assistance Department

Economic Assistance

The Economic Assistance Department at the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez, provides different financial aid tools to the student. These include scholarships, grants, working opportunities, loans and more. Here you will find more information regarding the different assistance options.

1) Pell Grant

It is the main financial aid granted to students at an undergraduate level. In order to apply for this grant, follow these steps:

a) Visit the Federal Student Aid website and get a personal identification number (PIN) for you and one for your parents. This is required to sign the PELL grant.

b) Visit the FASFA website to formally apply for a PELL student grant.

2) Legislative Scholarship

This is a state funded scholarship which entitles selected undergraduate and graduate students with additional economic assistance. The award of this scholarship will be based on the economic need of the student, the determined EFC and the enrolled credits at the moment. This will happen until the budget has been depleted.


This is a joint state and federal partnership to help students in dire economic need. Click here for more information.

4) Work and Study

This program allows the student to work certain hours at the university. Work will be on an assigned area which will vary each semester and with each student. The objective of this program is to offer the student with a working experience and an associated pay for it. For more information click here.

5) Federal Student Loans

This program provides the student with a loan at a low interest rate to contribute with the costs of studying. Other loans are available and have their own specific requirements. For more information click here.

*Subject to funds availability and student’s economic need.

6) Private Scholarships

There are a series of private scholarships that DO NOT require economic need and have specific requirements of their own. These are given out by private institutions such as companies, individuals, non-profits and philanthropic organizations. It is recommended that all interested students, comply with all the required documents per the Economic Assistance department. This will be helpful in expediting the process. For more information click here.

The Economic Assistance department has more information and details regarding all of these financial aid options. Click here to be redirected to the department’s website.