Program Constituents

The constituents of this program are:

◦ Students: The professional development of our students is our principal reason for operation.  The undergraduate program is committed to providing a structured environment to facilitate student learning while maintaining a flexible atmosphere that promotes creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and life-long learning.

◦ Alumni: Our graduates leave our program with the pride of being the product of a top educational program.  The educational program is committed to continuing this tradition. Alumni help the educational program by bringing their knowledge and experience about the ME program and to shape our educational objectives.

◦ Faculty: The core of our educational program is our faculty.  The structure and activities of our program, including courses, projects, student activities, advising, etc., depend on the competence, quantity and satisfaction of our faculty.  Faculty also has an interest in our graduates, since our graduate school feeds somewhat from our undergraduate students.

◦ Industry: Due to the broad nature of our ME Program, and the bilingual aspects of our curriculum, our graduates are sought by employers from a wide variety of technical disciplines both in Puerto Rico and in the United States.  These disciplines include aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, utilities, electronics, pharmaceuticals, and local small-to medium-sized design and consulting firms. Our ME Industry Advisory Board is composed of representatives from diverse industrial sectors, from both local and USA companies.