Bubble Dynamics Laboratory

The BDL is a multi-disciplinary research laboratory with focus in two-phase flow and material science. The laboratory conducts cutting edge research in the detection, characterization, generation and manipulation of micro- and nano-bubbles with applications ranging from the biomedical industry to the nuclear energy industry. The BDL houses a state-of-the-art 3D stereoscopic Particle Image Velocimetry system with the capability to perform shadow-sizing, micro-PIV and Laser Induced Fluoresence for concentration and temperature measurements. In addition, the BDL also conducts experimental research in the development of polymer-matrix composites which are characterized using a state-of-the-art DMA Q800 from TA Instruments which is capable of measuring both static and dynamic mechanical properties in several configurations. The laboratory also works on Deep Learning techniques with applications to material science and two-phase flow and currently owns a total of two CUDA-capable Workstations and two mobile CUDA-capable Tegra devices.