Room Request

Fill the form to request the use of our facilities in Luchetti Building.

You will be contacted after the request evaluation. You will be notified via email of the fee for renting the room after the information is submitted.

Before submitting, please read our basic policy for room reservation:

1. There is a priority for ME courses and internal official events, so ALL RESERVATIONS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE OR CANCELLATION AT OUR DISCRETION. For requests outside Office hours (Ex. After 4:30 p.m. or holidays) please go through the Department Office to fill out a form which the student must submit to the Campus Guard to open the requested room.

2. The room is supposed to be left neat and organized. You are responsible for any food leftovers, beverages, and/or decoration from your event, as well as for the organization of chairs and tables of the room. If your event is held during a weekend, you should take the garbage bag with you and dispose it in a trash can outside the ME building.

3. At the end of the event, you should turn off lights, A/C (if possible), projector, and make sure someone from the Department or from the Campus Guard secures the room (if it ends after 4:30 PM).

4. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in our facilities.

5. If there is anything in the room that is not working properly or is broken, you should inform the ME Department immediately.

For comments or questions, send an e-mail to We will be happy to help you!

Room Capacity:

 Capacity: 30

Capacity: 15

Capacity: 20

Capacity: 30

Capacity: 30

Capacity: 60

Capacity: 25

Capacity: 60

Capacity: N/A

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